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“Good doze of pastries a day makes your day brighter and takes the worries away.”

We Got It From Grandma

One of the things we learned from our grandma is the best food don’t come from the microwave. They come from the oven. This statement from granny is not an understatement. She taught us almost everything we love about pastry. She taught us how to bake and how to use our intuition in mixing the ingredients and different flavours. With all the things we learned from her, we knew that baking is the only way to go. We are proud to say that we got it from our grandma.

Serving Freshly Baked Pastries, Baked with Love

For our regular customers, they patronize our pastries over other bakeries because we don’t only serve delicious pastries, but we also treat our customers right. We love what we do. There is nothing more rewarding than doing what you love. For us, Mias Allergievrije Shop is not just a bakery, it’s a living testimony that dreams do come true. We are waking up every day being thankful for the chance to bake and meet our customers. We’ve been serving the locals for over 10 years now. It feels like yesterday. Time flies when you are having fun.

Customized Cake Project: Give Us a Design You Like and Get Special Discounts

A cake is a table’s centrepiece. You may wanna make it extra special by customizing it according to your theme. We are up to the challenge. You’ll get the cake you have envisioned for your special event and still get special discounts. The cake we will make for you is not only stunning, but it is also tasty. If you have a party coming up, remember that there are great bakers right here who could customize the ultimate cake for you. We customize cakes for big events such as weddings, christening, birthdays, and more.

Low-Sugar Pastries

What prevents you from eating that rich, moist cake? Is it sugar? Well, we have a good solution to this problem. We know that not everyone can indulge when it comes to food. So, we created variants for these people. We use stevia as sweetener. And instead of using floor starch, we use the vegetable floor. These variants are perfect for people who are on a diet but would love to eat sweets. They don’t have to worry about indulging in too much sugar. Our cakes are rich in fibre something is uncommon for cakes. To learn more, check out online shops voucher codes. Let us know if you have a specific flavour in mind before your visit, and we’ll make them for you.

Nothing can beat a sweet treat especially if you have been craving it for so long. Don’t worry too much about the fact that it is very addictive because it is definitely the good stuff that you should have. The great thing about this treat is it’s very affordable even if you don’t have a coupon code just like qservers promo code. Therefore, you can enjoy this insane sweet at the comforts of your home without hurting your daily budget. To tell you honestly, it’s like hitting the jackpot because it’s as if you have the best nike coupons for free when you are buying this delicious and sweet treat!

“One slice of cake could bring pleasure to an aching soul. If we could only eat to our heart’s content and not get fat.”

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