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Top Tasting Pastries in the World

There are only few people who don’t appreciate pastries but for all of us who do, then we have compiled the best tasting pastries that you can buy in patisseries (or those magical shops producing great pastries) or in boulangeries (or bread specialists).

So whether you like the classics or those with creative touch, we know that something tasty awaits for you.



Well, there is nothing more French than a croissant. But actually, this great tasting bread was first made in Austria. It was then called “kipferl.” The French saw this bread and immediately fell in love with it (like we do) and adapted the recipe to suit the French tastes and standards.

By incorporating a glorious amount of butter in the bread dough and then folding and refolding it so many times, it made the croissants as if they came from heaven. With their airy texture and buttery taste, this bread doesn’t disappoint. So when you bite on it, the exterior cracks while the interior remains soft.

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Another French creation, this long, thin cylinder of light dough pastry is filled with a creamy surprise topped with a sweet and delicious icing. So although it is long, it will only last short when you start digging in it.

The classic version of this sweet treat only uses chocolate icing and vanilla cream filling but creative bakers around the world are incorporating other flavors to make it more exciting like coffee, caramel, and black currant.

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Kouign Amman

The name is a tongue twister and you don’t really have to know how to pronounce this one to appreciate this tasty pastry from Brittany region of France. It is definitely a source of pride of the place.

Just like the croissant, it is made by folding and refolding the dough. Then baking it slowly at a low temperature, the dough forms many layers and the sugar turns into caramelized treats on the crispy trust that will pop and crackle when you bite into tit. If you are wondering about the name, it came from a Celtic dialect that literally means butter cake.

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opera cake

Opera Cake

The name is maybe because you’ll sing once you tasted this, but this elegant cake is made of multiple thin layers of cake soaked in coffee syrup. This will then be lathered with coffee buttercream and then finished with some chocolate ganache. It will then be assembled into large rectangle or square before it will be sliced into bar-shaped treats so guests can enjoy it. This is one of the treats that will surely amaze any of your guests who will get a taste of it.